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All new clients are offered a Complimentary Introductory site visit. This provides both the opportunity for me to see your site begin to develop a conceptual understanding of your approach and for you to learn a little about me and my process.

As part of this process I believe there is a need to allow adequate time for ‘digesting’ subsequent exchanges of general concepts. I am happy to work either by the hour or to develop a package of consultation visits for a simple set price that best suits both the needs of your project and your overall budget.

Sometimes the elements within your site may evolve with the changing seasons. There is flexibility as to the overall timeline for a package of visits. However, I kindly ask that a package be fully utilized within a year of the date it is initiated.


There is also flexibility regarding the duration and specifics of each of these visits. These considerations will be determined on a case by case basis. This determination will be relative to the size of your site and the scope of the issues you wish to address.

Ultimately the objective is to allow ample time for both parties to achieve consensus on the goals of the project (including gathering data and ideas around the general concepts) and how to actualize those visions.

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